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OLG Practice Areas

Bankruptcy Reorganization

Creditors' Rights

      OLG lawyers have extensive experience in all facets of bankruptcy proceedings and routinely represent businesses in their Chapter 11 reorganizations.  Ms. Orenstein and her team at OLG have represented debtors from a variety of industries, including manufacturing, printing, real estate, farming, trucking, oil and gas, and more.  


OLG attorneys know the ultimate decision of filing bankruptcy is not the right choice for each company. We will work diligently to analyze every aspect of the financial issues of your business to determine the best course of action.


In addition to representation of our clients' reorganization efforts, we also regularly represent these clients in business disputes in adversary proceedings before the bankruptcy court.

      OLG routinely navigates creditors through complex bankruptcy proceedings to recover payment or obtain alternative resolutions to their claims. We represent banks and other financial institutions, vendors, and commercial leasing companies to both protect secured collateral as well as locate hidden assets for financial recovery.  


Because of our collective experience in representing debtors in bankruptcy, we utilize that special knowledge when representing our creditor clients to achieve the maximum and best possible result.   We represent clients in all aspects of claim disputes in bankruptcy, ranging from lift stay motions, preference actions, and asset sales to trustee appointments and claim disputes in adversary proceedings.  

Commercial Litigation

      Our lawyers have successfully tried business disputes for clients for more than 30 years.  We try cases involving simple business disputes as well as those that entail complex claims, like fraud and breach of fiduciary duty.  Our practice is full service. We represent clients in every facet of litigation, from strategically planning lawsuits to defending clients in highly contested trials. 


Our representation does not stop there, however.  We are exceedingly experienced in providing appellate services for our clients and have represented clients before some of the highest courts in the country. Our lawyers are very thorough when planning for trial, and we will not overlook any avenue that might lead to a successful result for our clients.

Business Transactions

       Our business clients are clients for life.  And during that time, businesses grow and change.  At OLG we serve our clients during these times of change to document important financial transactions, including significant loans to recapitalize companies, as well as business formations and changes of ownership. 


Having experience in litigation also serves our clients well, as we have first-hand experience in trying cases that arise out of the very business and commercial documents that set a business in motion.

Financial Workouts

      Financial distress can be stressful and the thought of bankruptcy, daunting. OLG attorneys work with our clients to not only structure financial workouts with creditors outside of court, but we also help target and remedy the source of the debt issues. 


We analyze and present clients with a variety of solutions so that they may choose the path that best meets their future business goals.

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